Dog Boarding Rates/Price

Crys & Mel's Dog Sitter Singapore

Our PROMISE to you & your furkid!

  1. Your Dog will be allowed to Roam Freely (Strictly NO cages)
  2. Your Dog will be Part of a Family (just like Home!)
  3. You will receive Daily updates (with Pictures) via WhatsApp
  4. Your Dog will Sleep in an Air-con room (if he/she likes)
  5. Your Dog will have Home-cooked meals x 2 (you’re encouraged to bring along his/her usual diet for the 1st 3 days as a sudden change in diet can cause soft stools & loss of appetite)
  6. Your Dog will enjoy an Array of Toys + Homemade treats
  7. Your Dog will be in a Dog-proof, safe Environment
  8. Your Dog will get Lots of Cuddles and Play-time!
  9. If you have any Other special requirements, we’d be more than happy to help!

Dog Sitter Singapore Price (dogs < 10kg)

  • $55 for Dog boarding (check-in day included) *Peak Period charges apply accordingly
  • Included services: – Daily WhatsApp updates, Meals, Treats, Walks, Toys
  • Discounts will be provided for longer stays (>21days)

Terms & Conditions at Crys & Mel's Dog Sitter Singapore

  • Only Neutered, Small Dogs(<10kg) will be accepted for Crys & Mel's Dog sitter Singapore service.
  • Large dogs are unfortunately not accepted (Hoovy, our old pom, was attacked in the park when he was younger & gets stressed easily around larger dogs in a confined space. As much as we love dogs of all sizes, his comfort is extremely important to us.)
  • Your dog must be vaccinated and protected against ticks and fleas as he/she will be mingling with other dogs and having his/her daily walks.
  • Visit with your furkid before confirmation of boarding for a temperament check, as there are no cages, and everyone mingles and plays with each other all day! At the same time, this allows you to see if you are comfortable with the environment your little one will be in while you are away.
  • If your dog needs to be brought to the vet for any reason (check-up, vaccination, illness, etc.), you will be notified of the charges separately.
  • Full payment is to be made on the day of check-in.
  • We reserve the right to reject any dog based on its aggression level towards other pets/people
  • All dogs must be licensed under AVS regulations
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