Hi there, I’m Crystle! Welcome to Crys & Mel’s Dog Boarding Singapore! Dog owners tend to be quite curious about me, my personality, as well as my interesting passion for dogs – So I thought it’d be great if I added this page to let you know a little more about me, my motivations, and what I hope Crys & Mel’s Dog Boarding Singapore can achieve for you!

About me

I LOVE and ADORE dogs & pets, and my naturally hyperactive self helps me to care for them!

I used to study in Australia & during my stay there, my love for animals led me to begin fostering many strays – I had dogs, cats, birds and rabbits in my home!

Nothing made me happier than seeing these poor strays find a home. They were always afraid when they first came to our place but were always happy and healthy within weeks!

About the Crys & Mel's Team

We've provided a loving home away from home for dogs since 2014 under the name Crystle's Dog Boarding. After our marriage in 2018, we decided to rename it Crys & Mel's Dog Boarding to reflect the love and care that our whole family provides.

It’s quite the farm at our farmily! As of 2023, we have a family of adopted furkids - an old man Pomeranian, a dwarf cat & a blind cat, both of whom have been raised by the Pomeranian and have grown up with dog-like personalities & will greet you at the door ;D We also have 2 guinea pigs & 4 hamsters. Our toddler has been taught from birth (almost.) to treat all animals with gentleness, love and care (but there is only a 40% chance she will greet you at the door). You can rest assured that your furry friend will be in good hands with our whole family!

What inspired me to start Crys & Mel’s Dog Boarding Singapore?

I was so, so, so excited the day I got Skotch in 2003!!! (Skotch is my long-haired Chihuahua- a grumpy little old man. Hahaha)

Unfortunately, a week after we brought Skotch home, we realized he was a sickly dog. He was at the vet nearly every other week. It was an awful time. It took us months to discover that he was allergic to preservatives and could only survive on fresh, home-cooked meals.

I was worried every time I was away from Skotch and realized my happiness started to revolve around him – I was happiest when I knew he was healthy, happy and safe under my watchful eye.

My turning point came when my boyfriend, Mel, now husband, started his own business. His passion for doing what he loved made me realize that I should pursue what I wanted in life too! I finally decided that it was about time I started a dog boarding Singapore service – it was the perfect way to spend time with my baby Skotchie and, at the same time, care for other dogs! I would say it’s the best decision I’ve ever made! I wish I had done it sooner!

(EDIT: Skotch, my first furry love, crossed the rainbow bridge at the ripe old age of 16, but his memory and the lessons I learned from him continue to guide me in providing the best care and love for all of the furry guests at Crys & Mel Dog Boarding Singapore.)

What I hope Crys & Mel’s can achieve for you

One of the most challenging times for me was being away from Skotch for work or a holiday. I constantly worried about him, and I knew the special instructions laid out for Skotch proved troublesome for most dog boarders/kennels. He always came home sick and depressed. It made me feel like a horrible dog owner.

As a Dog owner, I know what it’s like to be away from your furkid, and you want nothing more than assurance so you don’t have to worry about him or her. This is why I ensure all special instructions are followed to a T and updates are sent every day, whether requested or not.

I’m happy to do what your little doggy is used to – be it brushing his teeth, eye drops, daily medication, moisturizer for his paws or cooking for him.

I want your dog to feel like he or she is part of a family while you are away. It’s difficult for your dog to be away from you, and I want nothing more than to return a happy dog.

Every dog staying here will be treated like my own- with love, affection and fairness. It is extremely important to me that your dog is happy and comfortable while he or she is here at Crys & Mel’s Dog Boarding Singapore!

What I hope for Crys & Mel’s Dog Boarding Singapore in the Long Run

My Dream is to eventually be a foster parent for homeless, abused, and abandoned dogs who really need care and love. I’m busy saving up through Crys & Mel’s Dog Boarding Singapore to achieve my goal!

I know I can’t help every dog in the world, but I will help as many as possible. It means so much to me that these dogs eventually find a home with an owner who loves and treasure them as I do my furkids

I hope Crys & Mel’s Dog Boarding Singapore can help create a Dream foster home for doggies

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