Crys & Mel Pet Hotel, Boarding Singapore

Will my dog be caged?

Not at all. He/she will NEVER be confined. Just like my dog, your furball will be allowed to roam wherever he/she pleases! (click here to see what Life’s like @ Crys & Mel's!)

Can I bring all my dog’s toys, bowls, blankets and so on?

Of course you can! It is encouraged that you to bring anything that might make his/her stay more comfortable at Crys & Mel’s pet hotel Singapore. Don’t worry, though; all of this will be provided!

My dog is naughty; how will he/she be handled?

I believe every dog is playful but rest assured, your dog will never be confined or hit because of its playfulness. Your dog will be encouraged to focus on another activity or distracted with a tasty treat at Crys & Mel’s pet hotel Singapore

What if my dog needs the air-con to sleep?

If your dog is used to sleeping in air-conditioning (like mine is), I’ll be more than happy to have him or her enjoy it during his/her dog boarding stay at Crys & Mel’s pet hotel Singapore.

My dog has special needs. Is that okay?

Of course, it is! If your little furball needs extra care, be it daily medication or a special home-cooked diet, feel free to let me know

My dog is not socialized, and I don’t want him mingling with other dogs.

We’re a loving home environment with free-roaming furkids who will come into contact with your dog. If you prefer your dog not to be in contact with other friends, our place may not be suitable. :/

What if my dog is aggressive?

Unfortunately, our home environment will not be suitable if your dog is aggressive towards furkids or people as safety is a priority.

Do I have to bring my own dog food?

It is recommended that your dog sticks to his/her diet, at the beginning 2-3 days at least. A sudden change in environment and diet can cause soft stools and a loss of appetite. However, if this is inconvenient, food is inclusive in Crys & Mel’s pet boarding Singapore!

Do you take in big dogs?

Unfortunately, we do not take in big dogs >10kg. Hoovy, our old pom, was attacked in the park when he was younger& gets stressed easily around larger dogs in confined spaces. As much as we love dogs of all sizes, his comfort is extremely important to us.

Does my dog have to be protected against ticks and fleas?

Yes, as he/she will be mingling with other dogs and going downstairs for daily walks, he/she must be well-protected from fleas and ticks.

What if my dog needs a trip to the vet?

If your dog needs a trip to the vet whilst he is at Crys & Mel’s pet boarding Singapore, he/she will be brought to the one nearest to my place, a 10-minute ride away.

What is the maximum number of dogs you take in?

We currently take in a maximum of 3 small dogs at any time & may reduce this depending on everyone’s temperament, size & need for space. Dogs require sufficient space to run around, play, relax, and ensure a happy stay, should not be stressed by overcrowding at Crys & Mel’s pet boarding Singapore.

How big is your place?

It is a 5-room Apartment.

Since it is an apartment, does my dog have to be pee-pad trained?

No, he or she does not have to be paper-trained at Crys & Mel’s pet hotel Singapore. The resident furkid, Hoovy, is paper-trained but goes down to do their job sometimes (and has a quick play).

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